History of the Nike Brand

History of the Nike Brand

History of the Nike Brand


The History Of Nike

In 1964, a Track and Field Coach Bill Bowerman and his student Phil Knight created Blue Ribbon Sports, which then spiraled into becoming one of the most influential brands in sportswear and streetwear history . Which first began as a project to produce highly efficient running shoes for athletes turned into the worldwide phenomenon of the ‘Go-To brand in the sportswear industry. Bill Bowerman’s first prototypes worked so well that Phil Knight took production overseas with different connections that started the snowball effect of the brand.

The Nike Logo was created by Carolyn Davis, a graphic student who studied at the same Oregon University that Bill and Phil attended. She was paid in stock and by the hour, and the ‘Swoosh’ is one of the most recognizable logos in todays society.

Reaching massive worldwide success Nike produced countless amounts of different styles of clothing and shoes. Using very powerful endorsements like Michael Jordan, Bo Jackson and Tiger Woods, Nike was able to tap into a huge culture with the use of influencers. With new technology, recycling ideas that worked in the past and developing new product constantly, Nike remains at the top of Streetwear and Sportswear in General.

It all started with a running shoe and to solve a problem

One of Streetcvlture's most popular product happens to be Vintage Nike Streetwear. With with hundreds of streetwear and sportswear pieces ranging from your basic essentials to athletics shoes and tracksuits, Nike has something for everyone. From collaborations from every sport and form of entertainment Nike outreach knows no bounds. Becoming and remaining one of the most influential and recognizable brands on the planet.

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