Items You Should Look Out For At The Thrift Store

Items You Should Look Out For At The Thrift Store

Items You Should Look Out For At The Thrift Store

With the consistent quantity of clothing that is being put out into the planet, it may become more difficult to track what pieces may actually be of value and which ones are worth holding on to for the foreseeable future. If you’re looking to make some extra dollars or are just fond of the ‘Thrifting Lifestyle’ & want to show off your commitment to the sustainable fashion world, we’ve got you covered with some of the things that should be on your radar from reselling for a BIG BUCK! Or at least for a return on your investment.Things to Buy at the Thrift Store and Sell on Depop, Etsy, Grailed, eBay etc.


If you’ve ever been to a thrift store, you would also know that there are numerous amounts of extraordinary pieces of clothes to be found. Many are unfamiliar of this, hence why this mixed in with the proper set of skills may just possibly be the right money opportunity for you. Now there are people out there that may not get this or understand this type of living yet, but that is completely fine cause to each their own still stands firm and not everyone will have the same interests.

That being said, there are also individual(s) out there who will spend the price for the benefit of you scouting the specific type of brands that they love. It’s almost like commission for the referral or searching of the item. In other words, if reselling is the game you’re looking to get into, you got two choices: start by thinking of the most relevant articles of clothing that are presented to be more in the so called “trends” these days and try your arm at that. Or level up by studying expensive quality fashion brands (ones that do not ring a bell to the general public) that you can sell for up to $750! These include Rare Vintage Graphic T- Shirts, Rare Vintage Full Zipper Jacket, Rare Vintage Long sleeve Sweaters, etc.)


Growing up as a youth, we probably never valued shoes as much as we would being adults, in the sense of how much they actually cost! Mainly if you  acknowledge that looking fresh and having lifetime-quality sneakers is your style, then it’s definitely a plus to invest in brands worth having. Due to this, purchasing sneakers second-hand is actually the smartest way as they tend to beat out the lifespan of new fresh pairs purchased straight from a Manufacturing

market. Again, if you are one of those picky consumers, then this information may not apply to you just yet. But for the ones that do, keep on reading.. There are shoes that have retailed for over $1000 that have been resold for over $400 (USED!) just to show the retaining value over time. Again it comes with doing your research on the brands/styles that are the most sought-after, but in doing so you will have the opportunity to make the sale to them. Believe it or not too, Shoes may actually accumulate trade value over time for Clothing, Bags, etc. At Thrift Stores increasing the demand for the Buy/Sell/Trade market.

So think twice before you make that decision on your next purchase of pairs of kicks/sneakers!

3. Bags & Purses

The Most relatable thing to a parent, is their kid’s Wishlist of knapsacks for their school journey. Someway, somehow they still end up wanting the same style that their friend has. Even if it’s out the range ($60-$70), making it seem like a holiday gift instead. Some backpacks are valuable to the point where resellers are constantly on the lookout for drops at the Thrift stores. Nevertheless, it’s generally antique, old-fashioned bags that garner the most attention on sites like Depop, Grailed, eBay etc. Search for leather-skin bags, bags from casual brands (Marlboro, The North Face, Polo Ralph Lauren, etc.) or even ones that are unconventional and would rather be left at home when attending a music concert. As usual, Purses also tend to do well on streams like eBay, Depop, Etsy etc. Being a Male consumer, this may not be the best person to be hearing this from of course, but in the sense of textiles, anything that

feels pleasant or seems weird, or even having high-quality leather is a good indication of value on the piece while also again doing your due diligence on studying the brands that are most appealing (I.E Vintage Chanel, Vintage Nike, etc.).

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