StreetCvlture's Guide to Thrift Shopping

StreetCvlture's Guide to Thrift Shopping

StreetCvlture's Guide to Thrift Shopping

Finding the right strategy to go thrift shopping can be a challenge. But it doesn't mean it's impossible.

In fact, it can be quite thrilling if everything for your journey is in place to go to the right thrift shops.

None of these tips are absolutely necessary in having a good time, however it can help you have a better chance at bringing home some steals and maximizing the experience while you're at it.

Look for outfit Inspo

See what you're looking for before you head out for the road. Find celebrities or influencers that have the style you're looking for and find some inspiration.

See how they colour match, outfit combinations they use & current trends they've recently been using. Here is a good place to start looking

Look for the local thrift shops

Do a little research on vintage streetwear thrift shops around your area and see what kind of stores are around. A good tip is to find there social media to see what deals, promotions, & current products they're carrying in store.

When you're in a downtown core of any city, vintage thrift shops are usually clustered into certain areas so find the best area in your city with thrift shops and go there.

Bring the right friends

Bringing the right friends on your thrift shopping journey can make break an experience. 

You want to bring friends who also share the same love for thrifting as you. Quick tip, quality over quantity always wins. 

You can bring only one or two friends with you on your journey and have the best experience ever. It will always be better than bringing more friends that don't want to go thrifting because it can bring down the vibe of the day very quickly.

Leave some space for spontaneity

Have a route for the places that are in close quarters of each other. However, some of the best vintage stores can be a little bit of a drive away so leave some time in your shopping day to go to these stores on your list.

A good tip is to get these places out of the way early in the day so you can get the best items they have to offer when they just open and you don't have to do it after walking around all day when going shop to shop through your journey.

Some extra tips before you go...

Bring cash

Bring some cash for the day because you can have a little room for negotiations and deals when you go to these different shops

Reusable Bags

Bring yourself a reusable bag because since you're shopping sustainable fashion, you might as well continue the trend by bringing your own bags. Plus, you're helping out a business owner!

Double check your final picks

Before you checkout, finalize your picks by looking over what's in your cart and make sure you're happy with what you have. You always know when you have the right items when you feel good about it.


At the end of the day, you just want to have fun, feel good, & have some good vibes with your friends while thrift shopping. 

It allows you to build stronger bonds with your friends and allows you to have a great day while having the feeling of fulfilment by finding some take home picks that you feel really good about putting in your closet.

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